IIChE Hyderabad Regional Center Annual Events 2009


Annual events for the year 2009 by IIChE Hyderabad Regional Centre for all the chemical engineering students of the colleges having IIChE student chapters affiliated to Hyderabad Regional Centre were conducted at University College of Technology, Osmania University on 25-06-2009.


  1. Ramanathan Memorial Essay Writing Competition (Sponsored by Prof. V. Gopalakrishna)


First Prize       : Rs. 1000 with certificate                          

Mr. K. Raghu (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU                            


Second Prize : Rs. 500 with certificate

Ms. V. Sravya (3/4) B.Tech. UCT OU


  1. Elocution competition. (Sponsored by Sri Allam Pandu)


First Prize : Rs. 1000 with certificate   

Mr. P. Venkat Raman (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU


Second Prize :  Rs. 500 with certificate

Ms. P. S. Haritha (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU



  1. Padmasri B.V. Raju Memorial Technical Quiz Competition (Sponsored by dr B.V.RAJU)


First Prize : Rs. 3000 with certificate                Second Prize : Rs. 1500 with certificate

     ( Team of three students )                                                             ( Team of three students )


Mr. K. Raghu (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU                                   Mr. M. L. Sameera (3/4) B.Tech. UCT OU      

Mr. M. Anil Kumar Reddy (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU              Mr. K. Nandini (3/4) B.Tech. UCT OU  

Mr. K. Srikanth (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU                     Mr. Y. Praveen Shastry (3/4) B.Tech. UCT OU          


4.      Padmasri B.V. Raju Memorial Best Merit Student Award from each student chapter under HRC, IIChE. A cash award of Rs. 2500 with certificate will be given to best meritorious student from each student chapter in the memory of Padmasri Dr. B.V. Raju.


1.      Mr. K. Sreenath  (4/4) B.Tech. UCT OU

2.      Mr. B. Ram Raju (4/4) B.Tech. JNTUCEA

3.      Ms. Srividya        (4/4) B.Tech. CBIT                                 

4.      Ms. M. Anusha   (4/4) B.Tech.  NIT W

5.      Mr. G. Chandramouleswar Reddy (4/4) B.Tech. BVRIT 


     All the prize winners will be invited to IIChE –HRC AGM where the prizes and certificates will   

     be distributed


Please contact for any further quarries

     Honorary Secretary IIChE HRC