HRC Chairman's Desk

Future growth and performance is in the hands of the young engineers and Managers. Hence the experienced professionals are requested to spare some time in assisting the young. In addition to the basic sciences, soft skills can be imparted to them early. Advantage of gaining knowledge of other branches of engineering, instrumentation, project management, quality management, commercial aspects of transactions with their impact on business performance should be informed to them.

HRC has started in this direction by interacting with the students in their institute itself. Industrial tours, lectures by specialists are arranged to inform them of new technologies awareness about the need for developing Green technologies, responsibility to protect and improve environment will also be created among them. Sense of Social responsibility, sustainability focus is to be shared.

Organisations are requested to assist by way of sparing their managers to visit colleges and share their experience. Talent available with the have nots from rural part of our country can be brought to limelight by sponsoring the fee / hostel expenses when they pursue degree in chemical engineering.